Watch This! 2018-04-22

Sir Nicholas Winton! Stupid stoodents. MRCTV on selective outrage. Watson on Kanye. Big critters. Sargon on stupid.

Sir Winton h/t OregonMuse, Ace of Spades

A bit of context: Some TV show in England introduced a woman in the audience as one of the Jewish children who were saved by Mr. Winton, and after explaining what he did and how they found out (he had never told anyone), then the hostess tells her “And the man who saved you is sitting there next to you.” So after they meet, the hostess turns to the audience and asks “And do we have anybody else here tonight whose life was saved by Mr. Winton?”

And that’s when every last person in the audience stands up. It had all been arranged in advance by the TV show.

The country of Israel recently celebrated its 70th anniversary. It is also the 75th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. I thought this video would be appropriate.

Watch This! 2018-04-19

There was no playlist for Apr 18. Two-days list looks bigger than it is.

Rubber duck science. Double dose of Woolery. Rube Goldberg lives! Remembering Barbara Bush. Wild Bill on that Shot, PraegerU has discouraging interviews, but Ozzy has an uplifting report. And Borowski, Dice (twice), and Sargon visit Starbucks for free coffee.