Watch This! 2018-06-29

😜 Politics: Trump vs violence. Beyond the new GOP ad.
⛅️ Science! Missing Matter Found? 30 Yrs of Climate Nonsense. Sky for July. Baby Zebrafish Eyes.
🐆 Amazing: Freeing a Mt Lion, stopping a Ram, and a strange animated proposal.

Heller c/o Anthony Watts, Watts Up With That

Watch This! 2018-06-28

😓 Woolery on the Border, Crossings are down. Dice slices, libs melt down.
🍔 Why is the Fourth of July? Gowdy scolds. Diamond and Silk want answers.
💀 Science! Viruses that infect Viruses.
ADDED: Cruz on SCOTUS. Trump in ND. Watson on Comedy. Science! Flavors!