Watch This! 2018-06-24

There was no playlist for Jun 23. Well, there was one. I merged it with Jun 24. So now there is none for Jun 23. You didn’t miss anything.

• Critters! Lion and dog. Old cat and kittens. Squeaky otter. Australia wants to kill you.
• Science! 2-minute Himalayas. How coffee naps work. (I didn’t even know there were such a thing.)
• Drums! Jerry Lewis vs Buddy Rich. Yoyoka does Led Zep (again), and Led Zep’s Robert Plant responds!
• Wacky! Dan and Phil World Tour because goofy YouTube nerdboys make the big time.
• News! OAN Week in review, Page-Strzok texts dramatized (good stuff), and Sargon’s week in stupid.

Grandpa Cat
h/t Sabrina Chase, Ace of Spades

Watch This! 2018-06-22

It’s SCIENCE! Enduring robots on Mars. Venus’s winds affect it’s rotation. Rethinking Alzheimers.
It’s POLYTIX! Diamond and Silk make a movie. Woolery scoffs at some entertainer. Wild Bill explains Old Glory and thanks the useful idiots. Dice dissects Time.
IT’S OZZY! Ozzy (NSFW as always) reviews flippy spinny stabby dancing.

Watch This! 2018-06-18

There was no playlist for the 14th through the 17th. That’s why this one is about twice as long as usual.

Woolery on Korea and on Clinton. Trump’s NK vid. Bibi on water. Ollie waves the flag. OANN’s Liz on ripping kids. Watson on EU v memes. Dice on SJWs v Dad and new collusion. Crowder has Kim sing Rocket Man. Yoyoka drums. Berens beams. Ozzy reviews rifles and soccer. Sciencey stuff on anthropology and time dilation.

NK and Bibi vids c/o Legal Insurrection.