Watch This! 2018-07-31

Lynx meow. Woolery on Texas. Dice on tinfoil. Ron DeSantis. SlowMo blow-ups. Przybylski’s Star. Ozzy Man at the fights (NSFW violence, language, hilarity)

Lynx h/t boulder t’hobo

Watch This! 2018-07-30

Were you looking for the July 28 playlist? There was no July 28 playlist.
Were you looking for the July 29 playlist? There was no July 29 playlist.
That’s just how weekends go sometimes.

Award-winning classic Grand Rapids lipdub. Woolery on acid. CNN whines. Dice laughs. ElectroBOOM screams. PragerU buries comedy. Manitowoc on Craigslist. Robbing Wham and the brave Buffalo Soldiers. Science: Nightmare vegetarian critters. Sargon‘s stupid week.

Grand Rapids c/o MOTUS