Watch This! 2018-08-29

A hearty dozen videos, dark and light. Great Back to School ad. Gosnell trailer. Woolery, Wild Bill, Dice, Watson, and Witt with their usual targets. Sununu pwns CNN. ESPN declares Tiger not black. Islamic compounds abound. Newsgal gets BttF punked. And the classic two dogs dining, because, still funny.

Camerota-Sununu h/t Ace of Spades hisself

Gosnell trailer c/o Misanthropic Humanitarian’s Morning Rant on Ace of Spades

News fail h/t Village Idiot’s Apprentice on Ace of Spades

Dining Dogs (Classic with 32bazillion hits) c/o Curmudgeon on Political Clown Parade

Back to School c/o Misanthropic Humanitarian on Ace of Spades