Watch This! 2018-08-27

Woolery, Wild Bill, Dice, and Watson, on the assault, as always. GOP War Room is abuzz with good news. OANN Reviews the week. And a double dose of that Sargon fellow that you’d really like to listen to the whole episode every time, but his videos exceed the YouTube attention span length…


Watch This! 2018-08-26

This is the playlist for Aug 25-26 despite what the title says.

Nothing serious in this one. Remembering Aretha’s acting premiere. SW Air is funny. Nut milking is an art. Whole Lotta Love duo. 3-string shovel. And what could beat Robin Williams and Jonathan Winters on Johnny Carson?!?

SW Air c/o MisHum on the Ace of Spades Overnight Thread

Justin Johnson c/o DR.WTF? on Ace of Spades

Winslow c/o someone I lost who on Ace of Spades

Nut milking c/o KT on Ace of Spades Gardening post