Big Fat Playlist! 2018-08-23

Zombies hold up pretty well after all this time. Humanity makes amazing things, like the Splitmaster. Woolery on Fla House race. Dems vs ICE. Dice mocks celebrities. PragerU asks about race. Southern’s new doc. Bad Lip Reading of WH Press Conf. Ozzy (NSFW) Man on street fighting. Sargon on race. Science on Killer Bees.

Splitmaster c/o WeirdDave on Ace of Spades ONT


Watch This! 2018-08-21

A very special playlist. Trump on Manafort conviction. Crowder confronts teaser. Wild Bill for Froglegs. Sneak peek at Froglegs. Woolery vs Antifa. Trump deports Nazi. Wild Bill on Islam. Dice wonders what’s happening. Great Millennials. Red Nugget Galaxies? Crowder Confronts full. Alex Jones on OANN. Sargon on SocMed Regulation. You must watch every minute of every video or else! (Or else you didn’t.)