Watch This! 2018-09-16

Update: A video purportedly showing an airplane being spun around by typhoon-force winds is actually a computer animation.Snopes (h/t Mike) I thought it was suspect. Have left it in the playlist anyway.

An eclectic weekend selection. His daughter’s eyebrows. Troman After-Shave. Creepy Line. Leftist Fitness. Wife Song. Scary landing. Impromptu Poppins piano. Sargon on LGBT Gulags. Science of backyard diseases. Honestly, I haven’t watched the TED talk on failing mindfully. I just added it because, mindful, right? :/

Wife Song h/t Bluebird of Bitterness

Leftist Fitness h/t MJA at IOTW Report

Creepy Line h/t The News Junkie at Maggie’s Farm

Bacchus ad c/o Alex at Weird Universe

Eyebrows c/o MJA on IOTW Report

2 thoughts on “Watch This! 2018-09-16

    1. Owen Benjamin – especially amusing that he did the whole thing wearing a stained hoodie.

      <rant on>

      I’m sure that was on purpose, but there’s so many of these videos I just wonder, do you not have anyone to LOOK at you before you go in front of the camera? Or at least a mirror?

      I want to lick my fingers like gramma and smooth down some wild tuft of hair on Hank Green’s head. Tell Wild Bill, for Heaven’s Sake, get a haircut! Or straighten up somebody’s tie – see that a lot. Straighten up somebody’s out-of-kilter collar. Put a little makeup on that really distracting black spot on someone’s nose. Pull out an annoying nose-ring… I mean, make an effort, people; this is the Internet: it’s forever!

      <rant off>

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