Watch This, Too! 2018-10-31

melania-vs-dinosaur – Photo is from 2017 (as it says) – still good.

YouTubers! 2018-10-31

Haunted White House. Woolery irons out Dem probs. Dice on cable crazy. InSight on Mars. Secure the border! CBS finds a violent caravan! Secure against invasion! Amazing Lucas on Birthright and Blacks. Watson on White. Media twists Kanye. Women say Trump’s gonna Trump. Lucas again, reviews Young Black Leadership Summit 2018. Good stuph.

More video below:
A real Trump train heading for the border

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Halloween 2018

Irish! Science! Cartoons! Music!
It’s a Halloween video party!

Diane, Simon’s Cat, Bangles, Ub Iwerks (I’d never seen this one!), Addams family, Lucy, Betty Boop, Key & Peele, Bobby Pickett, Big Bang gang, Alice Cooper, National Geographic, and the Science of Werewolves, Nightmare Burgers, and soggy Zombies.

Alice-Muppets h/t tankdemon commenting on Ace of Spades

Halloween with the Bluebird of Bitterness:
Experts warn psychopaths may try to give your kids candy corn on Halloween
Getting into the spirit
Wednesday weirdness — Halloween edition

Also, on companion blog Other People’s Stuff:
🎃 Halloweens Past

Further viewing from Mindful Webworks, Oct 2016:
Mindful Webworkshop Episode #12 – Party Time

Watch This! 2018-10-30 🐸

YouTube playlist below the Latest Froglegs. (Froggy website)
Facebook vids below the fold.

Intellectual Froglegs: Red November

Watch This! 2018-10-30

Sanders: The Synagogue Shooting. Wild Bill also. Woolery on Acosta. Last Chance Dice. CBS and MSNBC surprise themselves. Double dose of Conservative Twins. Hillary insensitive? No, really? Klaven reaches K. Venus and the Exoplanets (late ’70s band, weren’t they?)

More below

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Watch This! 2018-10-29

There was no playlist for Oct 28. Or this is the playlist for Oct 28 and 29. Either way you want to look at it.

Wild Dancing! Chuck: Migrant Mob! Bill: Constitution Party! Mark: Scared Dems! GOP: Racist Dems! PragerU: Immigration Power! SciShow: Mighty Animals! Funny: Feminist Date! Berens: Apple Fest! Ozzy: Cats! Bad Lip Reading: MLB.

Indian dance – I have no idea what this is about. h/t Moron Robbie commenting on Ace of Spades

First Date h/t Misanthropic Humanitarian on Ace of Spades Overnight Thread

Watch This! 2018-10-27

YouTube playlist on top, other videos below the fold. That’s old newspaper talk, y’all.

MRC-TV finds some of the most ignorant, most ill-informed people ever. If Siri were in the 80s. Rock sings Hillary song – 2yrs ago, but new to me. Southern Grandma!

Below the fold:

  • President Trump invited Rabbi Benjamin Sendrow to offer a prayer for the victims of the attack in Pittsburgh.

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