Halloween 2018

Irish! Science! Cartoons! Music!
It’s a Halloween video party!

Diane, Simon’s Cat, Bangles, Ub Iwerks (I’d never seen this one!), Addams family, Lucy, Betty Boop, Key & Peele, Bobby Pickett, Big Bang gang, Alice Cooper, National Geographic, and the Science of Werewolves, Nightmare Burgers, and soggy Zombies.

Alice-Muppets h/t tankdemon commenting on Ace of Spades

Halloween with the Bluebird of Bitterness:
Experts warn psychopaths may try to give your kids candy corn on Halloween
Getting into the spirit
Wednesday weirdness — Halloween edition

Also, on companion blog Other People’s Stuff:
🎃 Halloweens Past

Further viewing from Mindful Webworks, Oct 2016:
Mindful Webworkshop Episode #12 – Party Time

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