Watch This! 2018-10-26

Trying out a new arrangement. YouTube playlist on top, Twitter videos below the fold.

Godzilla vs the Megastorm. Journo Love. Blunt: Vote! Dice: No Memes! Wacky Libs. Prager explains buybacks. Life on Mars? Watson on Brasil. Sargon ponders the #FakeBomber.

Extreme Forecast c/o Weird Dave on Ace of Spades Overnight Thread

Twitter videos below the fold:

  • Princess Bride
  • Immigrant Warrior Challenge
  • Happy Birthday, Mr. James

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🌟200 Likes! 2018 Oct 25


WordPress dopamine feedback mechanism in full operation.

It’s like a big virtual group hug.
Extra big likeback to bluebird. 💙

Watch This! 2018-10-25

Don’t we all need a classic Marx Brothers song and dance to start off with? I think so.

Woolery on Winning. GOP on Gillum. WFB catches CNN. Dice on Kelly. D&S GOTV. Ozzy NSFW Man dance review. Watson and Markota on bomb biz.


Watch Tweets! 2018-10-24

Something different I’m trying here. Twitter videos,
because I can’t find them on YouTube. Not a playlist — if there is a way for non-twitterers to make playlists, I don’t know what it is. So, some separate tweeted videos, below the fold.

  • Democrat Party Values
  • Cowardly Bully
  • Just Mowing the Lawn
  • Invasion Vehicles
  • Beta Politics

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