Watch This! 2018 Nov 27

Border Battle! 2018 Nov 27

Battle footage, opinion pieces, and a few major network reports on the border confrontations.

I admit I haven’t watched every minute of every video here. But you must.

YouTubers! 2018 Nov 27

Nothing about the embattled border on this list.

Civics with Ojos Locos. Woolery goes postal. Insight on Mars. Talking cats. Singing rodentAnt on a rope. Force fields. What more could you want?

Talking cats – 68,687,610 views since posted Jun 28,2007!

picamercury h/t chrissy at PoliNation


Account Suspended, sez Twitter

Salmon Crossing

h/t CBD on the Ace of Spades Morning Rant

h/t chrissy on PoliNation

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