Watch This! 2018 Dec 31


YouTubers! 2018 Dec 31

Several 2018 Reviews, Wild Bill, Pat Condell with a powerful year-end closer, and PragerU on WWI.


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Watch This! 2018 Dec 26

YouTubers! 2018 Dec 26

Moon Genesis 1968. Wild Bill for the boys.
2018 Retrospectives:
Worst of MSNBC
Biggest Economy Stories
• Dice on CNN
• PragerU’s Wittiest Moments
• All Trump Wants for Christmas is Wall. Great Metal Grinch cover. Albino Moose v Robot Lawnmower. And Irish opens presents.

Apollo 8 h/t rickl commenting on Ace of Spades

Grinch h/t Will S.’ Sunny Side Blog

Moose h/t Will S.’ Sunny Side Blog