Watch This! 2018 Dec 15

YouTubers! 2018 Dec 15

Every video in this list — excepting maybe the SciShowis potentially triggering, politically incorrect  like Sargon, Dice, and Klavan  or contains NSFW language  like the hilarious Conservative Twins or imagery  like that penis video. Also two culturally appropriating and historically un-woke songs by one of our favorite performers, a young and energetic Steve Goodman. Miss you, Steve.

Watch This! 2018 Dec 13

Yesterday got busy, so posting was delayed.
Hope the news vids aren’t spoiled.

YouTubers! 2018 Dec 13

Pricey science with Woolery. Ted Lieu vs your speech rights with WFB and Dice. Media smooches Pelosi. Maxine is still mad as a hatter. Wild Bill skewers CPS. Breaking things in Slow Mo. History of transplants with SciShow. AND, speaking of the war against speech, Sargon buries Patreon for good.