YouTubers! 2019 Jan 14

Lola Fantasy. Couple of quick Trump quips. Woolery‘s MMAGA. OAN tweaks Acosta. Classic Elizabeth “You Didn’t Build That” Warren. Dice bites Amazon. PragerU on MLK. Trump’s full statement. Science! #FakeSweet and #WindowLickers or something. Language warning on the Ozzy Man, but he’s really trying now that he’s a dad not to be quite so vulgar. Sort-of.

Lola h/t Braenyard commenting on Ace of Spades


3 thoughts on “YouTubers! 2019 Jan 14

  1. That Chopin Fantasy Impromptu was forever ruined for me by some schmuck who turned it into a pop song. During my brief stint as a piano student in elementary school, I was assigned a seriously dumbed-down version of the Chopin piece, and when my dad heard me attempting to play it, he started singing the song. I’ve never been able to hear that piece since without hearing my dad’s off-key voice singing along.

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    1. Wow, BoB. That’s sad in several ways, not least of which is that it’s such a nice piece. “Dad’s off-key voice” – that’s worse than never being able to hear

      the finale to Rossini’s William Tell Overture without seeing a fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust, and a hearty “Hi Yo, Silver!”

      Barber of Seville without seeing Elmer and Bugs.

      Ponchielli’s Dance of the Hours without hearing “Hello Muddah, hello Fadduh.”

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