Watch This! 2019 Jan 20

YouTubers! 2019 Jan 20

Smart Motorcycles! Response to Gillette. Trump’s offer. Bowl of Stupid. Buzzfeed burned by OAN and Lucas. The Twins and Lucas on the Native harrassment #FakeNews. My Senator on the shutdown. Border Patrol speaks. Two years of Trump’s impending doom and two years of major accomplishments. WW2 Oversimplified and ancient poo science.

Safety Bike h/t Misanthropic Humanitarian on Ace of Spades

WW2 h/t All Hail Eris, She-Wolf of the ‘Ettes ‘Ettes commenting on Ace of Spades

What is a Man? h/t Erik Wynstra
c/o Dapandico at Weasel Zippers
c/o FenelonSpoke commenting on Ace of Spades

I won’t embed it, but there is footage of people lined up at the Mexican gas pipeline leak, and the horrific, graphic, immediate aftermath of the explosion, at LiveLeak, c/o BlazingCatFur.

Woman Wears MAGA Hat at Women’s March

h/t MJA at IOTWReport

What an Utter Flake!

h/t Nickarama on Weasel Zippers

Rorshach from Watchmen

Ocasio-Cortez To Dems Trying To Rein Her In: ‘I’m Not Locked Up In Here With You. You’re Locked Up In Here With Me’

h/t Sarcasticat on BlazingCatFur from the film perversion adaptation of Watchmen.

Longer scene leading up to the above. Horrific violence warning. This is our Crazy Eyes?

“Impeach” Montage

h/t Nickarama on Weasel Zippers

Classy Cats

h/t Misanthropic Humanitarian on the Ace of Spades Saturday Pet Thread


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