Watch This! 2019 Jan 22

YouTubers! 2019 Jan 22

Arranged for no good reason in order of attention span.

Woolery‘s minute on Constitutional Republic. MRCTV mocks media messup. A sweet animation that doesn’t deserve to be in this broiling political list. Klavan on MSM-Buzzfeed. Lucas on SCotUS ruling. Will Witt at the Wymmynses March. Dice gets real. Moon science is loony. Lucas on Professor Crazy Eyes. Miracle DNA Science. Lucas on MLK. Sargon on Covington Clash, and Crowder also, with a prize-winning seventeen minute video.

Watch in any order that seems fun to you, though. That’s why the NEXT button yt-nxt-vid-button is there.

And the playlist listing button.  vidlist-menu-button

A Love Story in Two Minutes

Too sweet to be included in the main playlist.
h/t Bluebird of Bitterness

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