Watch This! 2019 Jan 24

New Intellectual Froglegs:
“Democrats on a Bus”

A message from Joe Dan Gorman:

I’m proud to announce that Intellectual Froglegs is no longer reliant on liberal video platforms like VIMEO & YouTube.

Screw them—I will not bow.

I will no longer allow the whims of an overpaid socialist dumbass to impact my product.

Instead— Intellectual Froglegs is now PROUD to be hosted by the patriots at— [Utah Gun Exchange] .

I could not find a way to link the UGEtube video, so I used the Daily Motion alternative.

YouTubers! 2019 Jan 24

Dolphin surfers! Slow Thermal Geyser! Strange Recollection! Gillette Parody! WH recognizes Guaido. Woolery vs Communist Va. MRCTV calls CNN on #FakeNews. Dice: they keep beating that drum. Klavan on Trump Cavin’? Lucas on the shutdown. PragerU on Venezuela. PragerU on Holocaust knowledge. Lucas won’t pronoun. PJ Watson v Modern Art. Crowder assaults protester (not really). And Pvt Shay was a combat medic on Omaha beach.

Gillette and Dolphins h/t chrissy on PoliNation

Omaha Beach c/o Sharkman commenting on Ace of Spades

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