Watch This! 2019 Jan 25

YouTubers! 2019 Jan 25

Lots of vid today. Calm a baby. Trump’s remarks. CBP: It’s a crisis. Lucas: Trump caved? CNN: Trump caved! Students are ignorant. Woolery at the tippy top. 2020 Apologists. Spotify v PragerU. Dice on Journalism. Wacky Media MAGA meltdown. The Lawyer is suing. Drummer boy is a liar. Ozzy: Kangaroos. Sargon: Progressive police. ElectroBOOM! Science: Altzheimer’s hope, and Giant Stars misbehavin’.

Calm Baby h/t chrissy at PoliNation


5 thoughts on “Watch This! 2019 Jan 25

    1. We didn’t have much crankiness with our babies,* but I would’ve liked to have known about this, too.

      I sent this link to Married Son. They’ve got their 2nd due in the Spring. Hope DiL doesn’t need this.

      * They saved it ’til they were teenagers! 😀

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      1. I had both extremes — one baby who just smiled all the time and slept through the night and almost never cried, and one who rarely slept and cried a lot. The other two fell somewhere in between. As for their teen years, don’t get me started…

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      2. I presume the Lord gave you the quiet baby first, to lull you into a false sense of security before granting you the cranky one?

        “They” say, parents of one child believe in nurture; parents of more than one child realize it’s nature.

        An old friend sometimes said something like, if you volunteer for divine service, be aware you may quickly feel overloaded. We so loved and doted upon our sweet, brilliant firstborn daughter we finally said, okay, Lord, we’ll have another. And the Lord laughed. We got two boys. (Fraternal twins, raised the same, utterly different, from each other, and from their sister.) Also of course, Milady and I were then outnumbered.

        Which, of course, reminds me of this great post:
        Mother’s Day classic: Why birth order matters.


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      3. No, the dream baby came second. Baby #1 was pretty average, although of course at the time I had nothing to compare her to, so I sort of assumed that whatever she did was normal. (Like needing to be fed every two hours around the clock, and having an extended fussy spell every evening around supper time, etc.) Baby #2 was every mother’s dream baby; if all babies were like him, women would have a lot more of them. A lot of people who have only two kids claim that the second is easier than the first because the mother is more experienced and confident, and therefore more relaxed, resulting in a calmer baby, but that’s a load of codswallop. Encouraged by my good luck with baby #2, I went ahead and had a third, who was just as fussy and demanding as baby #1, although not more than I could manage. Baby #4 was my Waterloo. The fact that I was 40 when she was born certainly didn’t help, but even if I’d had her in my twenties, she would have done me in.

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