Watch This! 2019 Jan 26

YouTubers! 2019 Jan 26

Snippets from Trump’s Wall speech. OAN reviews the week. Tatum on Fox on MAGA hats. Dice: YouTube boobs. D&S on the border. Science of lactic acid. Cat home alone. Driving with a Feminist. Loomer‘s over Nancy’s wall.

The cat one is pretty funny.

Tatum scores a good summary of the Wall dispute at 2:23



Watch This! 2019 Jan 25

YouTubers! 2019 Jan 25

Lots of vid today. Calm a baby. Trump’s remarks. CBP: It’s a crisis. Lucas: Trump caved? CNN: Trump caved! Students are ignorant. Woolery at the tippy top. 2020 Apologists. Spotify v PragerU. Dice on Journalism. Wacky Media MAGA meltdown. The Lawyer is suing. Drummer boy is a liar. Ozzy: Kangaroos. Sargon: Progressive police. ElectroBOOM! Science: Altzheimer’s hope, and Giant Stars misbehavin’.

Calm Baby h/t chrissy at PoliNation

Watch This! 2019 Jan 24

New Intellectual Froglegs:
“Democrats on a Bus”

A message from Joe Dan Gorman:

I’m proud to announce that Intellectual Froglegs is no longer reliant on liberal video platforms like VIMEO & YouTube.

Screw them—I will not bow.

I will no longer allow the whims of an overpaid socialist dumbass to impact my product.

Instead— Intellectual Froglegs is now PROUD to be hosted by the patriots at— [Utah Gun Exchange] .

I could not find a way to link the UGEtube video, so I used the Daily Motion alternative.

YouTubers! 2019 Jan 24

Dolphin surfers! Slow Thermal Geyser! Strange Recollection! Gillette Parody! WH recognizes Guaido. Woolery vs Communist Va. MRCTV calls CNN on #FakeNews. Dice: they keep beating that drum. Klavan on Trump Cavin’? Lucas on the shutdown. PragerU on Venezuela. PragerU on Holocaust knowledge. Lucas won’t pronoun. PJ Watson v Modern Art. Crowder assaults protester (not really). And Pvt Shay was a combat medic on Omaha beach.

Gillette and Dolphins h/t chrissy on PoliNation

Omaha Beach c/o Sharkman commenting on Ace of Spades

Watch This! 2019 Jan 23

YouTubers! 2019 Jan 23

Levin’s greatest rant yet! Woolery on taxes. D&S lay it on SanFranNan. How’s that wall fund going? Chris Matthews is silly. MRCTV busts Buzzfeed. Covington Kids War: Lucas, WFB, OAN, and Dice. Slow Mo World starts off hot! SciShow on mad DNA science.

See the playlist Drumming Up Controversy! below for more Covington vids.

Levin h/t Marcus T commenting on Ace of Spades

Drumming Up Controversy! 2019 Jan 23

Playlist will be extended as clips come up. Newest clips on top.

Most of these have already appeared in previous YouTubers! playlists.

Watch This! 2019 Jan 22

YouTubers! 2019 Jan 22

Arranged for no good reason in order of attention span.

Woolery‘s minute on Constitutional Republic. MRCTV mocks media messup. A sweet animation that doesn’t deserve to be in this broiling political list. Klavan on MSM-Buzzfeed. Lucas on SCotUS ruling. Will Witt at the Wymmynses March. Dice gets real. Moon science is loony. Lucas on Professor Crazy Eyes. Miracle DNA Science. Lucas on MLK. Sargon on Covington Clash, and Crowder also, with a prize-winning seventeen minute video.

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A Love Story in Two Minutes

Too sweet to be included in the main playlist.
h/t Bluebird of Bitterness