Watch This! 2019 Jan 16

YouTubers! 2019 Jan 16

GB3? Really? I thought it was a joke when I first read about it. A few other vids, too.

Much more on the Razor Cuts playlist (below).

Razor Cuts! 2019 Jan 16

Gillette ad gets the sharp wit of Julie Borowski, the Conservative Twins, Mark Dice, Paul Joseph Watson, Brandon Tatum, the Amazing Lucas, Ozzy NSFW Man, and the more serious reports from the Daily Wire, Rebel Media, and that pretty blond on OAN.

Supplemental reading on Gillette Razor Soyboi ad:
Gillette: The Best a Cuck Can Get —Ace of Spades


YouTubers! 2019 Jan 14

Lola Fantasy. Couple of quick Trump quips. Woolery‘s MMAGA. OAN tweaks Acosta. Classic Elizabeth “You Didn’t Build That” Warren. Dice bites Amazon. PragerU on MLK. Trump’s full statement. Science! #FakeSweet and #WindowLickers or something. Language warning on the Ozzy Man, but he’s really trying now that he’s a dad not to be quite so vulgar. Sort-of.

Lola h/t Braenyard commenting on Ace of Spades

Watch This! 2019 Jan 11

YouTubers! 2019 Jan 11

Some pretty people doing pretty music. Woolery on Warren. Dem Rep b Nertz. Klavan zzz. Wacky MOLE! are fun! PragerU on the EC. Watson on bad choices. Earth’s missing millennia. That long-winded Sargon guy.

LoLa h/t Northerlurker commenting on Ace of Spades

Border Wars! 2019 Nov 11

Trump and the border: Two from the White House. An AZ sheriff: Crisis. Dems don’t care, think walls don’t work. (WFB: Some Dems differ.) Acosta proves otherwise to Dice, Lucas, Tatum, and Fox. More Lucas, and finally more Lucas. Busy fellow, Lucas.

h/t chrissy on PoliNation – More Wall for
Trump: Democrats Don’t Care About Crime
Tucker Carlson

Also see chrissy’s All Wall earlier post

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