OPV 2019 Feb 26

YouTubers! 2018 Feb 26

Dolenz raps. Woolery v Communism. Dice watches Oscars. Veritas exposing Facebook. Twins analyze Crazy Eyes. Booker disses the USA. Cohen for Prison? Mr Reagan #fakeinterviews.

Monkees h/t Claudia on IOTWreport, where I commented:

Without searching, IIRC, that was a B side of some big hit 45. Don’t think it made it to an album. I thought I’d discovered a real hidden gem.

Somewhere, I still have preliminary sketches I did in High School for a cartoon to accompany that song. Maybe someday…

Dolenz and Nesmith should tour now with McCartney and Starr. It only makes sense.

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OPV 2019 Feb 25

YouTubers! 2019 Feb 25

HBD Geo Harrison. Blunt Unreasoning Anger. Dice: Why? Lucas on Morales. Twins on Porter’s Dress. Zombies in Venice Beach. Lucas on guys winning girl races. Twins on guys winning girl races. Lucas on Smollett $3500. Twins on Smollett $3500. 😀 Manitowoc on Ice. Unsolvable VSauce. PragerU looks at Harvard. SciShow looks at GM Humans.

Venice Beach h/t Blazingcatfur

Banner image:
My Film Debut: A Zombie Extra in The Eschatrilogy | Jon Maiden

OPV 2013 Feb 23

YouTubers! 2019 Feb 23

Strange movie trailer. Sinkholes. Dice mocks Snopes. D&S to Cory Booker, hands off our meat. Noir on Smollett. Gillette-Smollette. SNL election night 2016. Music: Irish girl. Musical comedy: Tim Hawkins. Music in Kalamazoo.

Cat to the Rescue

c/o Lori Dorn on LaughingSquid

h/t Misanthropic Humanitarian on the Ace of Spades Saturday Pet Thread