OPV 2019 Feb 10

YouTubers! 2019 Feb 10

Great music. Kinetic art. Crazy hearing. No one likes Mark. Green is Poison. Warren’s last stand. Painting like Bob. Grandma’s Life Hacks. Classic Turtles.

Концертные вариации на тему русской народной песни «Валенки»
Исполнитель: Анастасия Тюрина (балалайка)
Concert variations on the theme of the Russian folk song “Valenki”
Artist: Anastasia Tyurina (balalaika)
h/t Bluebird of Bitterness

Craziest Hearing h/t rhennigantx commenting on Ace of Spades

Sisyphus c/o SnapMunk
h/t Skip commenting on Ace of Spades

Bob Ross class h/t MOTUS A.D.

Gramma Life Hacks h/t MJA on IOTWreport

‘The Jonathan Winters Show” – 26 February 1957

Soupy Sales – Green Pieces of Paper

February 10, 2019 BFH IOTWreport

I was checking out a web searching app for the tee vee and they recommended Archive.org as a good source for classic television. For no good reason I clicked on the Jonathan Winters show, a 15 minute broadcast from 1957, where Winters does a bit that Soupy Sales would copy 8 years later.

Sales got in trouble for it. Winters seems to have flown under the radar.


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