OPV 2019 Mar 28 Thursday

What if I quit making YouTube playlists?

Tucker Finds the Real Collusion

h/t Ace of Spades his own self

New Mueller Report aftermath videos
added today to the
Nothingburger Report playlist

More of today’s videos below

Would a playlist be easier than this way?

What do you think, faithful reader? 😀

Woolery wrecks General Motors

There ought to be a way to just have an audio player for Chuck’s minutes.

Mark Dice visits the House of Delusion

Lucas on Illegals Sanctuary

PragerU’s Will Witt educates on the Electoral College

This is really scary. The kids don’t know anything. They don’t teach them anything. I’ve understood this stuff since grade school! Of course, that was over a half-century ago…

Dems don’t do so well live

You can see just what they really are.

Sargon Drinks Maddow’s Tears

Another semi-long one by Sargon, but it goes by easily, even with YouTube attention span.


Chad Reviews the Lies

Chad has a way with words, and how to deliver them.

Mr Reagan 💜s The View

I know of The View, never watched it, and don’t care what these ladies think, but Mr Reagan has an entertaining half-hour dissection of their… views, before and after Collusion Conspiracy Collapse.

 Washing a Cat? Use welder’s gloves.

Never watched a Simon’s Cat that wasn’t fun.

Uh-oh. To be continued!

Slow Mo How To

A blink is like a thousand years in the lens of world’s fastest camera.

Nature Documentary and Travelogue in One

Is Ozzy Man getting soft now that he’s a daddy? Still, language warning. Aussie language at that. Hilarious critter encounter.

But, Dude! I would not put my bare hand anywhere near that wild critter!

So, I’m not sure what I think about the non-playlist format. Some ways easier for me, some ways not so. Pondering the balance.

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