OPV 2019 Mar 31 Sunday

So, polling indicates a preference for this format instead of playlists by 2 to 0. Allows me to mix YouTube and other vids in any sequence. Guess I’ll stick with this.

Maestro, a little Debussy guitare if you please.

Seymore videos below, comarade!

OAN’s Week in Review

In case you might’ve missed something.

Dice on Dumb

These people are not just dumb, not just delusional, they are absolutely divorced from reality, making up castles in the sky and living in them.

Sargon wonders: How to Parlay with the Enemy?

As if one could!

Self-Government, Jerry Springer Style

h/t Tami, commenting on Ace of Spades

Start by Destroying Your Monitor Screen… 😮

I don’t think I’ll be trying this any time soon.
I’m not even sure if this is real.

Speaking of computers…

Every OS Sucks

Here’s a funny eleven-year-old video about computers that is not dated at all. I’ve been getting the blue screen of death lately on my poor old tablet, because, Windows sucks.

h/t Mike Hammer commenting on Ace of Spades

The Democrats as Seinfeld Characters? Really?

Vulgarity warning.

h/t Soothsayer commenting on Ace of Spades


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