OPV 2019 Apr 4 Thursday

Science of Chocolate!

Now I want chocolate chip cookies.

Don’t You Kiss My Ring… Don’t You Kiss My Ring…

h/t Ann Barnhardt

Crazy Eyes, Crazy Talk

h/t Tami on Ace

Turning the Tables

Join Chuck Woolery as he discusses the fact that there is now proof that the mainstream media was pushing a false narrative to undermine President Trump.

LaughingStock Media Self-Congratulates

Mark Dice mocks CNN, again. But isn’t it true they promote the 1st Amendment, considering the #FakeNews they’re allowed to say.

This Is How They Will Erase You

Sargon details the how and why of the virtual erasure of Tommy Robinson.

Abortion Clinic Interventions

Report from OAN on activists invading clinics

LGBT and Islam Walk Into a…

Paul Joseph Watson, you sure do ask a lotsa questions!

Backdraft — How to Avoid One

They did backdrafts. Now here’s now not to get caught in one.

RIP by Cyriak

If Ub Iwerks had modern animation tools

h/t Paul on Weird Universe


5 thoughts on “OPV 2019 Apr 4 Thursday

  1. I always make my own chocolate. All it contains is unprocessed cocoa, organic cocoa butter, and raw honey, plus a little all-natural vanilla and coffee extract. All healthful ingredients, nothing harmful, and because it’s dairy-free, even lactose-intolerant people (like my grandson) can eat it. Everyone who has tasted it says it’s the best chocolate they’ve ever had. 🙂

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