OPV 2019 Apr 6 Videopalooza Saturday

WordPress editor is still not showing embeds properly. Flying half-blind using a workaround. Two days of video to catch up on. Good thing Saturdays are slow. Let’s go!

The DARK Truth about New York City

Dianne Jennings: You guys wanted me to check out some specific tourist spots. Katz Deli, The Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty, The Boardwalk, Wall Street and more, and I try to give you what you want. I crammed a LOT of tourism into one day… and now my feet hurt.

Pure silliness, hardly worth watching unless like me you’re amused watching this goofy Irish gal.

Thank You, President Trump for Making America Great Again!


President Trump Delivers a Statement Upon Departure

White House release. This man is as solid as a rock.

OAN’s Week in review

Every week they say the same thing: This week has been filled with major headlines in the U.S. and around the world. One America’s @RachelAcenas takes us through the top stories in our Week in Review.

Wacky MOLE: The Media’s Tin Foil Trump Theories

Big investment tip: buy tinfoil – because a lot of hats are being made as the liberal media tries to concoct Russian conspiracies on President Trump.

Tweets of Truth: CBP Shares Border Breaches

MRCTV: Taking a look at CBP’s Twitter pages you’ll find some things you don’t seen in the mainstream media.

Should Hawaii be a Sanctuary State?

PragerU’s Will Witt is hard at work, even when he’s in Hawaii. See what the locals had to say about illegal immigration and sanctuary status. Enjoy!

First Computer-Generated Bacterial Genome

SciShow News: In this week’s news, scientists announce that they’d made the first entirely computer-generated bacterial genome, and a new surgical procedure that does away with cuts and scars. Hosted by: Hank Green.

Computers creating bacteria — what could go wrong?!?

Updates on the Hunt for Dark Matter

SciShow Space News — The hunt for dark matter is still on, and the candidates for it could be primordial black holes as massive as Earth, or axions, as tiny as the smallest subatomic particles in existence! Hosted by the effervescent Caitlin Hofmeister.

Jocular Uncle Joe

A couple from Washington Free Beacon:

Biden jokes about having permission to hug union leader

MSNBC analyst says she ‘winced’

Joe Biden has JOKES

Amazing Lucas: Joe Biden jokes about the allegations against him in a very tasteless and flippant manner that is not only disturbing but mind-blowing. The man clearly doesn’t want to be president.

The Real Joe Biden Scandal

Daily Wire: Michael Knowles explains the real Joe Biden scandal that will sink his 2020 presidential campaign.

Chicago to SUE Jussie Smollet for 130k

More Amazing Lucas: So it turns out that Chicago is going to suing Jussie Smollet for the 130k that they wasted on investigating the hoax of a crime. Hmmm i wonder how that’s going to turn out.

Facts About Equality that Feminists Hate

Zeducation: Last week #EqualPayDay was trending, with politicians like Bernie Sanders tweeting and campaigning on “equal pay for equal work.” The problem is, it has been illegal to pay men and women for different wages for equal work since 1963, and the number of times this law is broken is shocking considering the narrative we hear.

President Trump Visits the Border Wall in Calexico, California

One with a Brain?

Mark Dice finds a Democrat who wandered off the reservation by actually making sense about the Mueller report. Naturally, she must be castigated and destroyed.

Mark Dice has a New Fan

Climate Change Picture Book

Chuck Woolery discusses the tactics the Left uses to scare people into fighting climate change.

WHAT A PIECE OF SH*T: Brian Stelter

Steven Crowder breaks down why CNN’s Brian Stelter is a piece of sh*t.


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