Science: Sun, Uranus, and Cells

Say Hello to NASA’s Newest Sun Missions

SciShow Space — Our star continuously throws out streams of charged particles at more than 500 kilometers per second, something we call Solar Wind. And just like regular weather can be unpredictable and dangerous, space weather can be, too. Meanwhile, on the other side of the solar system, researchers have also been investigating a certain planet’s rings, and it’s probably not the planet you’re thinking of. Hosted by: Caitlin Hofmeister

Kudos to Caitlin and the SciShow crew for using the traditional pronunciation of Uranus and double bonus points for swift and succinct acknowledgment of the juvenile joke aspect. Still, rings around Uranus. *snicker* Sorry. Sorry. I was trying to be serious.

Polarimeter to
UNify the
Corona and

I guess all the good acronyms have already been used up?

Reconnection &

Okay, now they’re just trolling us! Speaking of trolling us…

No, Phones Aren’t Giving Kids Horns, Seriously

SciShow — You might have seen this story circulating on social media… but we’re here to let you know that children are NOT growing horns because they use cellphones. This is a great opportunity to learn from what can happen when both peer review and science journalism go wrong! Hosted by: Hank Green


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