Catching Up on Science

How Cosmic Rays and Balloons Started Particle Physics

SciShow Space — Published on Jul 30, 2019
Today, cosmic rays are used to understand things like supernovas, but in the early 1900s, they helped us discover brand-new subatomic particles long before the first accelerators.

How Cosmic Rays Might Have Shaped Our DNA

SciShow — Published on Jul 30, 2019
The DNA inside our cells almost exclusively twists in one direction, but the reason for this might be out of this world! Hosted by: Michael Aranda

How Studying Bacteria Almost Kept Us From Discovering the Flu

SciShow — Published on Jul 29, 2019
Today we know pathogens — viruses, bacteria, and certain other microbes — are responsible for many diseases. But linking specific diseases to the microbes that cause them has been surprisingly tricky, and some research practices lead to false accusations. Hosted by: Stefan Chin

4 Creatures You Can See With Your Own Microscope!

SciShow — Published on Jul 28, 2019
You might have been one of those lucky people that had a microscope to tinker with as a kid. But if you missed out on that, it’s not too late! If you’re interested in making your very own foray into the world of microscopy, here are four creatures you might be able to spot with a home microscope — and what they can teach us! Hosted by: Hank Green

Four items in thirteen minutes really violates my one minute per item rule for lists, but, it’s for science, so, here’s Hank.

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