President Trump 2019 Jul 30 Tue

Your video reblogger had a busy weekend away from blogging. Let’s see how much I can get caught up today.

They’re all the same

President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Arrival

President Trump Delivers Remarks at Williamsburg, VA

President Trump Delivers Remarks at the 400th Anniversary of the First Representative Legislative Assembly, Williamsburg, VA.

Democrats’ Sad Trombone

Beautiful Baltimore, DemocRAT Utopia

Balt rat map
h/t chrissy on PoliNation

Videos below: OAN on Trump v Cummings and Trump v Sharpton, Pugh! smell the rats, and The Kimberly Klacik Reports

President Trump vs. Rep. Cummings: Baltimoreans react to the latest feud

One America News Network — Jul 30, 2019
The mainstream media is painting an adversarial picture regarding the people of Baltimore and President Trump. One America’s Neil W. McCabe took to the streets of the city to see what residents really think.

You Can Smell the Rats


War of words continues between Al Sharpton and President Trump

The Kimberly Klacik Reports

Kimberly Klacik, who sits on the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee, tweeted several videos … showing the disastrous conditions in this long-time Democrat stronghold. — chrissy on PoliNation, from whom I grabbed the following vids