Happy Happy Happy

The Original (variations below)

Pharrell Williams – Happy (Official Music Video)
Jan 2014 – 514M+ views

80-odd years of happy
Jul 2014 – 8.5M views

Canadian Seniors Dance To “Happy”
Jul 2014 – 57,769 views

Happy (Flash Mob Edition)
Jul 2014 – 340K+ views

Wedding Happy Flash Mob
May 2014 – 1M+ views

Happy (Iranian Street Dance)
Feb 2014 – 483K+ views

“Weird Al” Yankovic – Tacky
Jul 2014 – 25M+ views

Hey, everybody! This post was inspired by the “80 years” video posted by Bluebird of Bitterness.

Happy dancing kids image: pinterest.com

7 thoughts on “Happy Happy Happy

  1. You’re so good about giving credit to your sources/inspirations. My problem–well, one of them–is that I borrow and steal from so many different sources that when I actually get around to using something I’ve borrowed or stolen, I seldom remember where I saw it first. You either keep better track of these things than I do or you have a much better memory. 🙂

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    1. As I think I may have said before, I feel it’s a proper courtesy to note sources, considering “other people’s” is right there in the name of the blog (and the other “stuff” blog).

      I usually blog things while I’m looking at them (even if I don’t post them right away), so noting the source is easy. I do kind-of clump ideas together (some politics posts, some science posts, some funny), but it’s mostly just hodgepodge. That’s why you won’t see here the kind of great themed collections (cats napping, for recent example) that one finds at Bluebird’s nest. 🙂

      Speaking of credits, Ace of Spades name-dropped me in a post last week, linking to this blog (which caused a huge spike in visits, for one and a half days, heh), but getting my handle as “mindful worker.” That funny Ace of Clubs guy.

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      1. Hey, “mindful worker” isn’t the worst thing Ace of Clubs could have called you, so thank Zeus for small favors.

        I too had a huge (albeit short-lived) spike in visits recently, when one of the big boys linked to my “Bumper snickers” post. It’s fun when that happens, but it really messes up the graph on your site stats page — all of the days when you DIDN’T have the abnormally high number of hits suddenly look so negligible.

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