Tales of Biden’s Wild Youth

Anybody have a creepy elderly relation in whose rambling, pointless stories you have to pretend to be interested?

Biden Loves Kids Jumping on His Lap

h/t Dave Blount on Moonbattery, who says, “At first I thought this was one of those Bad Lip Reading videos, but given Joe Biden’s creepy physicality where children are concerned, it could be for real.”

Joe is apparently talking about his lifeguard gig, and black kids fascinated by his blond leg hair. No less creepy for the context.

Centipede Nation – Sep 23, 2019
Not looking good for Creepy Joe. The source of this clip was taken from Joe Biden’s “Corn Pop” Story


Joe Biden Corn Pop Story: Animated Version

h/t Dave Blount on Moonbattery, on a tip from Jester

FallaciousFilms – Sep 16, 2019
Joe Biden tells a wacky story, and I attempt to use pictures to uncloud his aged manner of speaking.


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