Because Science Said So

The Universe As We Know It Shouldn’t Exist | The Matter-Antimatter Problem

SciShow – Oct 8, 2019
The universe is a pretty grand place to live, but scientists have one issue with it, it’s an anomaly that should be scientifically impossible. Hosted by: Hank Green

Things That Go Bump in Your Brain: 4 Scientific Explanations for Ghosts

SciShow – Oct 6, 2019
Wandering an old dark place at night sounds pretty scary, but you can take comfort in the fact that ghostly encounters can be explained by natural phenomena: no “super-” prefix necessary. Hosted by: Michael Aranda pareidolia

Why People are Always Fighting Over the Thermostat

SciShow – Oct 7, 2019
Negotiating thermostat settings can be really frustrating, but your officemate isn’t trying to freeze you out on purpose. Stefan explains the science behind why people experience temperatures differently. Fun fact: Stefan wears a jacket inside year round.

3 Ridiculously Extreme Black Holes

SciShow Space – Oct 8, 2019
Black holes are some of the most extreme astronomical objects out there, but there are some that really standout. Let’s look at black holes that grow larger, consume more, and spin faster than the rest. Host: Reid Reimers

Are Soft Cheeses Dangerous During Pregnancy?

SciShow – Oct 5, 2019
You may have heard the oddly specific advice that pregnant people shouldn’t eat soft cheeses, but there’s a very good reason for that, and it applies to more than just dairy products. Hosted by: Stefan Chin
(“Pregnant People.” Such painfully clumsy PCism. SciShow, emphasis on the Siiigh!)


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