Shallow Fakes

This face (or head, at least)-replacement technology is getting a lot of use. Some of it’s pretty funny.

Tech has come a long way from this:


to this:


More shallow fakes below.

The clip below is a re-do of a rather brutal fight scene with Captain America.

Captain MAGA

h/t DRI on A♠

TheGeekzTeam – Jun 24, 2019 – 3:43

The video below is especially violent and has raised some controversy because some people somewhere near a Trump meeting showed it to some other people and outrage ensues as usual. I watched it all, and I didn’t think it was worth my time, so I can’t recommend it. Ugly no fun. YMMV.

h/t Ace ♠ who writes:

The movie this video comes from showed a well-dressed man going into a southern Christian church and murdering about 40 Christian church-goers. The movie suggested that they were deserving victims because they didn’t support the LGBT agenda.

Now someone does a silly remix of Trump shooting up the church — and this time, the church-goers are the big machers in the Church of Fake News — and now it’s very dangerous and something we must condemn.

Was it not dangerous when it was first shown? Or is killing Christians an idea with some merit?


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