Is this little pup truly guilty or taking the fall?

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Cats: Destroy Everything!

Warning: You may want to turn the sound down. Or up, I dunno.
h/t Misanthropic Humanitarian on A♠ Pet Thread

Destroy Everything! metal cats music video – Hatebreed

Video Mash – Oct 22, 2018 – 1:59
Destroy Everything by Hatebreed with cats uhh destroying Everything.

Supremacy \ Road Runner Records
Meow Mix (intro)
Numerous cat videos

Late Thanksgiving Entrées

We here at Other People’s Videos & Stuff Universal, LLP, belatedly wish all this blog’s subscribers and viewers a happy USA Thanksgiving Day. Yes, we had turkey and pie and family with not a bit of contention. A Thanksgiving miracle. Here’s some of what piled up online while I was piling mashed potatoes onto my plate.

Turkey talks to mailman

Charlie Berens – Nov 28, 2019 – 0:50
Turkey talks to mailman in Wisconsin. Happy Thanksgiving…
Voiceover by Manitowoc Minute host Charlie Berens

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