It’s KAM-a-lah. As in B’bye, KAMalah!

Bye Bye Kamala! 😂

Mark Dice – Dec 4, 2019 – 5:54

Media mourns death of Kamala Harris campaign

Washington Free Beacon SUPERcuts! #725
Dec 4, 2019 – 1:22
The press is saddened over the end of a “great” campaign and a “sparkling candidate” who had been flatlining since the summer and never had a clear message.

Good readin’ on Kamala’s Kwitting:

Patriot Retort
Down goes Kamala!!!
Profile in Cowardice

Ace ♠
Liberal Journalist: Please Stop Laughing About the Collapse of Kamala Harris’ Campaign and Give Your Thoughts and Prayers to Her Skill-Free Idiot 24-Year-Old Campaign Workers Who Must Now Learn to Code

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