Biden: Lead Lemming

Trump energy policy: More of it.
Democrat energy policy: Less of it.

Joe Biden Pledges Renewed War On Coal:
“No One Is Going To Build Another Coal Plant In America”

GOP War Room – Dec 9, 2019 – 0:45
Former Vice President Joe Biden pledges a renewed war on coal by saying “no one is going to build another coal plant in America” during an interview with NPR’s Rachel Martin taped on 12/6/2019.

Biden Lost on the Campaign Trail

Washington Free Beacon SUPERcuts! #726
Dec 10, 2019 – 1:04
Joe Biden appears to not know where he is while on the campaign trail.

Dem Unhinged: Dem Rep Compares Trump To A Latin American Dictator

GOP War Room – Dec 9, 2019 – 0:38
Democrat Rep Debbie Mucarsel-Powell makes an unhinged comparison between President Donald Trump and a Latin American dictator during the impeachment hearing before the House Judiciary Committee on 12/9/2019.

Blogger confession – I have not watched all of the following yet.

The Full Extent of Joe Biden’s Corruption

Mr Reagan – Dec 10, 2019 – 26:25
Over the past few days, I dug into Biden’s history in Ukraine. What I found was astonishing. Watch the video to see the full extent of Biden’s corruption.


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