When Life Hands You Don Lemon

They think you’re a joke

GOP – Jan 28, 2020 – 1:06
h/t Blonde Morticia on A♠


Taking Don Lemon to School

Chad Prather – Jan 28, 2020 – 3:43
By now everyone has seen the clip of CNN pundit Don Lemon and his guests mocking conservatives. Here’s my brief response. I hope you’ll enjoy.


Louder with Crowder – Jan 28, 2020 – 15:45

h/t Ace ♠:


One thought on “When Life Hands You Don Lemon

  1. What are the chances that (since Don Lemon openly drinks on-air during the yearly New Year’s Eve broadcast) Mr. Lemon had been slugging back shots of tequila prior to this video segment?

    I wonder whether CNN would be so forgiving of race-based (this was about “Red Necks”) and education-based jokes were turned toward black and brown segments of our society.

    Considering that CNN laid off several “conservative” commentators, I bet that they would not stand for anything but this brand of racism.

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