Kung Flu Jan 26, 2002

Can’t testify to the veracity of this clip, nor the accuracy of the captions.

Wuhan Coronavirus- Wuhan citizen seeking help from the world

Isaac Schneider – Jan 25, 2020 – 11:39
h/t squirrelly dan on A♠
This was reuploaded as the original video was set to private. Turn on closed captions for subtitles.

Meanwhile, desperate attempts to avoid the disease.
More pictures and video at The Sun.
h/t Anonosaurus Wrecks on A♠

 This family wrapped themselves up with plastic sheeting

Marketwatch: (h/t WisRich on A♠)

A growing number of airlines have suspended flights to and from mainland China as fears escalate over the spreading coronavirus and countries warn their citizens not to travel unless essential.

British Airways IAG, -0.07% said it had suspended all direct flights to and from the country on Wednesday and would reassess the situation at the end of the week.

The Week (h/t Mr. Scott on A♠

In response to the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, Starbucks has closed more than 2,000 stores in China. … There are 4,292 Starbucks locations in China, and the stores that are staying open have revised operating hours.

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