Thumbs Up – Biting cat

Ummm…… I don’t know Japanese, and I don’t know why they make these dancing disco girlie videos, or what all the hand-flailing and gyrations and costumes mean or allude to — that anime stuff, probably. Anyway, I had this up, so I thought I’d pass it along. Girlie is cute, anyway. h/t Anna Puma on A♠ who links to such things.

【咬人猫】Thumbs Up!Kitchen Ver ![Yaorenmao Channel]

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Science Never Takes a Vacation

The First Results from NASA’s Insight Lander!

Caitlin Hofmeister, SciShow Space News
Feb 28, 2020 – 5:57

We finally have some results from the InSight lander’s measurements on Mars, and the Japanese Space Agency is moving forward with a probe that will explore Mars’s moons

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