Tingles Flounces

h/t Ace

Hard Bawl

Appropriate soundtrack for Tingle’s departure h/t BackwardsBoy on A♠

h/t Tami on A♠


Cheating a little again.
Not other people’s stuff.
Mindful Webworks stuff.

Tingle & Flounce
A Cautionary Biography

Tingle and Flounce

Here is the flat image of the book cover
if you want to try printing it for yourself
or something.

2017 – Chris said,
vote no on Gorsuch because

it’s somebody else’s turn.
What a wacky guy.

2017 – Chris decried
Trump’s ‘ignorance’ of history.
What projection!

DRUNK Chris Matthews
Sexist Remarks about Hillary Clinton

Matthews said this one was
a cup scooting on the desk.
Or the dog, right, Chris?

The Great One
on “Lush” Matthews

from 2014


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