Chuck vs The Supreme

McConnell Responds

h/t Tami on A♠

Sen. Schumer: “I shouldn’t have used the words I did but…” [4:04]

INSANE: Chuck Schumer THREATENS Supreme Court Justices!

The Daily Wire – Mar 5, 2020 – 3:57
Daily Wire hosts SLAM Chuck Schumer for threatening U.S. Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch.


More vids, too many to embed

Chuck Schumer Attacks the SCOTUS Over Abortion

The DC Shorts:
McConnell Batters Schumer For Threatening Kavanaugh and Gorsuch

GOP War Room:
CNN’s King Rebuts Schumer: “If You Just Play His Words, It Sure Sounded Like A Threat”

GOP War Room:
McConnell On Schumer’s Comment: “Will Never Let The Minority Leader’s Dangerous Views Become Policy”

Washington Free Beacon:
CNN’s John Avalon: Schumer’s Threat Against Gorsuch, Kavanaugh ‘Crossed the Line’

GOP War Room:
Sen. Cruz: Schumer’s Statements Are An “Unambiguous Threat” And “Unacceptable”

GOP War Room:
Scarborough On Schumer: “Deeply Disturbing, Reprehensible, And It Certainly Justifies An Apology”

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