Superdupers Mar 7, 2020

I get many superduper things in my YouTube subscription feeds. I usually don’t even look at them, much less blog them. Here’s a sample for example.

Super-Dupers opv-nerd-super  Nerd Alert

Of all the superduper tv shows, despite intense invasions of SJW-isms, Legends of Tomorrow has managed to have fun, like this ad. 0:21

Holey Moley, are we not past the age of superduper domination at the box office yet? Nope. 15:10

Apparently, they still have superduper comic books. Who knew? This looks like it might be fun. Have they exterminated the SJW infestation at Marvel yet? [0:30]

Once upon a time, superdupering was not always so serious. [2:53]

Watched about the first half of season 1 of Black Lighting. I might’ve watched more, but it just came at a bad time, amidst a flood of competition; something had to give. Maybe someday I’ll binge-watch the series. Or not. [1:38]

This showed up in the YouTube suggestions sidebar. From back in Apr, 2019. But, superduper pitch meeting! [8:52]

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