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Again, Legends of Tomorrow has a promo that’s a hoot all on its own.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Mr. Parker Painting [1:25]

I think I’ve said it before, Stargirl looks like it could be fun, except that a) it comes in ‘way late in the flooded superduper tv series market, and 2) these shows are all infected with SJW correct thought pointlessness lately, and I’m thinking this one will be, too. They can’t just have a great superhero gal, they have to gal-power it up besides.

Stargirl Teaser #2 [0:22]

Stargirl – I Choose You
Season Trailer [1:15]

The dad figure here is played by Luke Wilson, who has been in a lot of things, but nothing I’ve seen since My Super Ex-Girlfriend, where he was the ex-boyfriend. Kinda fun little flick. Before that, he was, briefly, Casey Kelso, in That 70s Show.



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