Presidency vs Panic, Mar 16, 2020

Trump Declares A National Emergency For Corona Virus [5:45]

President Trump & Coronavirus Task Force Hold News Conference 3/16/20 [1:00]

VP Pence: Trump Admin Is “Strengthening The Supply Chain” & Putting “The Health Of America First” [1:04]

Amb Birx: The Trump Admin Has “Taken Very Bold Action To Stop The Virus” [1:14]
Ambassador Deborah Birx, the US Global AIDS Coordinator and White House coronavirus response coordinator

President Trump: “We Will Rally Together As One Nation And We Will Defeat The Virus” [1:49]

OANN: White House calls to open COVID-19 research to public [2:55]

Fox anchor who dismissed coronavirus fears as plot to impeach Trump is removed from her prime-time slot

A Fox Business presenter who suggested the coronavirus crisis was part of a conspiracy to impeach Donald Trump again has been moved from her prime-time slot.

On Monday Trish Regan told viewers that the Democrats were trying to engineer a ”mass hysteria to encourage a market sell-off” and wanted “to demonize and destroy the president” in “another attempt to impeach” him.

h/t one of the quiet ones on A♠


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