Kenny Rogers, RIP

Holy shit –
Kenny Rogers has passed away.
RIP Gambler
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He was so huge in the 80s it is probably hard for the younger types to comprehend it. The Gambler was so huge, he made a few tv movies based on that song.

Youtube reactors still use his song Lady to get views. There was Coward of the County, that also was made into a tv movie. There was his duet with Dolly of Islands in the Stream. And then there was his chicken franchise. Not joking about it even though it got the business from Seinfeld.

The guy was a star in a time that meant something. Sure there are popular singers these days but they are singing to a much smaller share of the population. Like almost everything today, the stars only resonate with segments of the population. Kenny Rogers was from the time when even non fans knew him and knew he mattered.

I wouldn’t put him in the top five of country stars but he was certainly one of the biggest crossover stars of the 1980s.

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Gamber video h/t publius on A♠

In honor of Kenny Rogers, Mad TV’s Kenny Roger’s Jackass skits
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Kenny & Dolly h/t Publius on A♠

Kenny and the First Edition h/t garrett on A♠

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