So Joe Goes, Mar 26, 2020

Supercut: Biden Coughs, Acts Confused, Throughout ABC/CNN/MSNBC Interviews
Mar 25, 2020 – 1:49

Mark Dice: Is Ol’ Joe Okay?
Mar 25, 2020 – 5:50

Biden Fibs About His Past In Strange Interview , And This Isn’t The First Time
TheDC Shorts – Mar 26, 2020 – 3:11
During a video chat interview with a college student, Biden says he was a Professor at The University of Pennsylvania despite never teaching a single class and only acquiring the honor of professor much later after leaving the White House.

Joe Biden’s Day Of Confusion
TheDC Shorts – Mar 25, 2020 – 3:04
Repeating latest, plus review of earlier gaffes

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