1Yr Ago on Mar 29, 2019

At first here on Other People’s Videos, each post, usually one per day, would have one YouTube playlist, with all the videos. By the end of March, last year, I had shifted format to each post carrying, not a playlist, but a day’s worth of videos. That was not an improvement. Later, I shifted to the current format.

One year ago today included this:

It’s Like the 1950s All Over Again

Godzilla becomes Puff the Magic Dragon

When Civilizations Fall Apart – A disturbing report from South Africa
Video is no longer available. Wish I’d blogged more info about this now-purged report.

Chuck Woolery: Jim Carry — The Mask Became Too Tight

Mark Dice charts the Media Trajectory

Conservative Twins on Ilham Omar on the Border
Language warning of course.

Remember this guy? John Brennan Supercut

SciShow Gets Trippy
Wow. Brains grow all through life.
Another  “everything they thought was wrong” discovery.
Science reveals that tripping is becoming overly analytical.
Who knew?
Have you ever really, really looked at your thumbnail, maaan?
I mean, it’s like all hard and has these lines and colors.
Wow. Why don’t we have claws instead? Farr ooouttt…

Irish’s Weird New York List
This was silly fun. New Yorkers will proudly give you directions to show off their knowledge of New York. A revelation for Dianne.

Flexible Mechanisms

This is lively presentation of a dry but intriguing subject.
I like the professor’s enthusiasm for his wild creations.

h/t Kindltot commenting on Ace of Spades

Orson Bean
Here’s something different.
Longer-than-YouTube Attention Span
h/t JEM, commenting on Ace of Spades

Banner image:
Why Drugs Cause Hallucinations


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