What is Science Without the Scientist?

The profound question of this title is not answered in these videos.

4 Animals That Don’t Have Resident Gut Microbiomes
Mar 29, 2020

We humans couldn’t live without our gut microbes, but not all animals rely on microscopic digestive communities like we do. And understanding why these animals ditched their microbial partners can teach us a lot about the costs and benefits of making evolutionary friends. Hosted by: Michael Aranda

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Mercy and Comfort

CNBC Reports USNS Comfort Arrives In NYC:
“They Are Ready To Help Here”

GOP War Room
Mar 30, 2020
CNBC reported that the USNS Comfort arrived in New York City “ready to help” on 3/30/2020.

President Trump makes remarks at bon voyage for USNS Comfort, which is departing for New York from Norfolk, VA.
Fox News
Mar 28, 2020
h/t chrissy on PoliNation

Mercy and Comfort: A History of Hospital Ships
The History Guy: History Deserves to Be Remembered
Mar 27, 2020
Hospital ships have been used as far back as antiquity to treat wounded soldiers and provide assistance in emergencies. The History Guy remembers the forgotten history of ships of mercy.

Maddow makes ‘nonsense’ prediction about hospital ship reaching New York
Washington Free Beacon
Mar 30, 2020

What’s Really Happening

Dr. Birx of Coronavirus Task Force Explains Second Wave Concerns
The Daily Wire
Mar 29, 2020
Dr. Birx responses [sic] to fears over a second wave should the economy open back up and how they are using data to come together over an appropriate response to when to stop lockdowns.

Jump to 0:26 (clip should start there) to skip Ben’s squeaky rapid patter question and get right to Doctor vocalfry uptalk’s information.