The Cake Server – Joseph’s Machines

Joseph’s Most Complex Machine Ever
Apr 6, 2018 – 2:42
c/o Teeta @anitamassey86
h/t WeirdDave on A♠ Overnight Thread
I hate waiting for dessert, so here’s a Rube Goldberg machine to streamline dinnertime. It lets me keep eating, with no break before cake. It’s my most complex yet and took 3 months to make so I hope you enjoy it!


Quarantine Distractions

How to Make A Bloody Mary
(and donate supplies to hospitals) – Quarantine Kitchen
Charlie Berens – Mar 27, 2020 – 6:25
Learn to make a Bloody Mary and help hospitals at the same time. #KeepErMovin
Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin:
Manitowoc Minute host Charlie Berens teaches you everything about bloody Marys. From the right Vodka to use to the right tomato juice and then of course the garnishes. Additionally Charlie Berens maps out the items hospitals need during the Coronavirus outbreak including surgical masks, N-95 masks, gloves, sanitizers and additional items. Charlie’s dad Richard Berens is a doctor at Children’s Hospital in Wisconsin.